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Why Choose Mission Plastics North?

Mission Plastics North has excelled in engineering molding resins since our conception in 1968. Throughout the years we have continued to grow by serving a variety of industries, such as automotive, lawn and garden, housewares, and many others. We are experienced in producing a wide range of industrial and consumer products.

10 Reasons Why You Can Choose Mission Plastics with Confidence

  1. Over three decades of experience as an industry leader
  2. Millions of pounds of resins processed annually
  3. ISO 9001: 2000 compliant
  4. Consistent, on-time delivery
  5. Cutting-edge production technology
  6. On-site tool shop—Vector Tool & Engineering
  7. Reduced development time with no outsourcing
  8. Concept-to-production turnkey capabilities
  9. Total customer service including field sales and support
  10. Technical support from world-class specialists in engineering resins